'Fantastic! Great Night!' - Sophie

(04/10/2014 - The Spirit House)

'Amazing team, Eerie location, totally professional. Lovely, lovely people. Thanks so much!' - Fiona (10/01/2015 - The Spirit House) 

'OMG! What a night! Warwick Castle was a superb location and the team were great. It was FABULOUS darling! xxx' - Vicky (07/10/2016 - Warwick Castle) 

'Hopped over the pond and made friends I will carry back with me in my heart. Until next time.' - Brian J. Cano (22/11/2014 -  Paracon UK)

'This was our first time with Sage Paranormal & the location. Great night and incredible location! See you again soon!' - Matt (23/01/2015 - The Explosion Museum Of Naval Firepower)

Thank you very much for having me and letting me be a part of your "family" for a while. Een geweldige ervaring, die ik niet  vergeten. Goed te weten dat myn dochter een familie heeft. veel liefs, dank jullie allemaal.' (A great experience that I will not forget. Good to know that my daughter has a family. much love, thank you all.) - Mary (07/10/2016 - Warwick Castle & Sage Paracon UK 2016)  

'I can not thank you enough for this great experience, I hope one day, to return your kindness. Much love to you all' - Greg Lawson (07/10/2016 - Warwick Castle & Sage Paracon UK 2016)   

'Memories & friendships that will last forever & ever!' - Lynn Lawson (07/10/2016 - Warwick Castle & Sage Paracon UK 2016)   

'Carry on my wayward "son" there will be peace when you are done. Have some well deserved rest after all this craziness. Thank you for an amazing weekend with awesome para-peeps. Jeff is...well...an acquired taste but I love him! (he made me say that) I love my sister from another mister, MJ. So proud of you for doing this! Have a Purple Nurple, Fight the fairies and celebrate with some PUDDING! Love you lots, Jerk.' - Liz (07/10/2016 - Warwick Castle & Sage Paracon UK 2016)  

'Had an amazing time! It's been great fun with Sage Paranormal at the Sage Paracon UK 2016. Can't wait to come back! Hotel was very nice & staff were wonderful, a great help. Love' - Claire (07/10/2016 - Warwick Castle & Sage Paracon UK 2016)  

'Had a fantastic time at the Explosion Museum with Sage Paranormal. Great Team, Great Location and one of the best nights I have had in a long time. Big Thanks' - Carl Hutchinson (18/07/2015 - Explosion Museum Of Naval Firepower)

'Slow Start but some great activity near the end of the night' - Lou (30/05/2014 - Guys Cliffe House)

'Thank you for a great introduction into investigating, we had a great time!' - Leona & Liam

(30/05/2014 - Guys Cliffe House)

Thanks for all the shakes, shivers and light anomalies. I experienced everything I ever wanted to. Thanks' - Monika (30/05/2014 - Guys Cliffe House)

'Great weekend, good friends and awesome times had! Thank you!' - Ashley Knibb (07/10/2016 - Warwick Castle & Sage Paracon UK 2016)  

'This was our first time with Sage, thank you! Fantastic location.' - Vicky, Sara & Dave (23/01/2015 - The Explosion Museum Of Naval Firepower)

'Thank you for a lovely weekend, I really enjoyed it! I would definitely come again and spend time with like-minded people. MJ and her crew were fantastic! see you all again soon!' - Rebecca (07/10/2016 - Warwick Castle & Sage Paracon UK 2016)  

'Carl Hutchinson wouldn't keep his hands off me, NOW I'm afraid of the dark ;-) Thanks for an amazing weekend! Great seeing old & new friends and exploring all things spooky!' - Jeff Belanger (Ghost Adventures) (07/10/2016 - Warwick Castle & Sage Paracon UK 2016) 

'This was an amazing weekend! can't wait to do it again xxx' - Jess (07/10/2016 - Warwick Castle & Sage Paracon UK 2016)  

'Still recovering from a 'foof' of a time at The Spirit House. A GREAT time at Explosion Museum with a fun group of people. Some good personal experiences tonight.' - Lori (23/01/2015 - The Explosion Museum Of Naval Firepower)

'Many Thanks for a great night team! I have had a brilliant time' - Stanford (28/08/2014 - White Swan Inn)

'Explosion Museum, our first Sage Paranormal experience and we were NOT disappointed. Thanks All. P.S The cottages are bullshit scary!' - Teegan and Ryan (23/01/2015 - The Explosion Museum Of Naval Firepower)

'Loved getting to know you guys this weekend! Had so much fun & great memories. So much awesome sign language haha! Going to miss you guys!  - Amy Goodwin (22/11/2014 - Paracon UK)

'Thanks for a GREAT experience' - Tom Ratomski

(30/05/2014 - Guys Cliffe House)

'A fantastic night! Lots of activity' - Lori

(04/10/2014 - The Spirit House)

'Thank you very much for a very interesting evening. Food was great too!  Will deffo come back and do another investigation.' - Danielle (28/08/2014 - White Swan Inn)

'I had a great time, met great people and look forward to our next encounter!' - Amelia (07/10/2016 - Warwick Castle & Sage Paracon UK 2016)  

'You have no idea how much it meant for myself and Bella to be here. Love you so much. This just ended and I'm already ready for our next adventure.' - Paranormal Pop Frank Cinelli (07/10/2016 - Warwick Castle & Sage Paracon UK 2016)  

'What a fantastic weekend, fantastic people and location. Loved every minute and can't wait to meet up again.' - Karen (07/10/2016 - Warwick Castle & Sage Paracon UK 2016)  

'Very interesting night, seen this place from a whole new angle. AWESOME!' - Scott

( 04/10/2014 - The Spirit House) 

            Guest Book Reviews: 

'Thank you for such an amazing weekend. I have learned so much in the paranormal field, what to look for and to take with me into my next event. The Zombie Prom was AWESOME and I have met some fantastic people. Thanks once again and I really hope to see you all soon.' - Matt (07/10/2016 - Warwick Castle & Sage Paracon UK 2016) 

'Such a great time with my sisters and brothers in the UK. Sage Paracon UK ROCKS xoxoxo' - Isabella Clayton (07/10/2016 - Warwick Castle & Sage Paracon UK 2016)  

'Fantastic evening, the Castle was an amazing location. The Sage Paranormal team are awesome and the VIP guests were fantastic! - Jo (07/10/2016 - Warwick Castle) 

'Thanks MJ and team for a very interesting evening. Saw quite a bit and learned a lot about paranormal investigating.' - Pravin (28/08/2014 -White Swan Inn)