MJ Dickson 

Paranormal Investigator / Speaker / Writer / Journalist / Television Producer / Television Host & All Round Weirdo

MJ Dickson is the Founder of Sage Paranormal and Sage Paracon, based in Warwickshire, UK. Her experiences with the paranormal began at a young age and she soon realized that she had inherited her mothers’ psychic abilities. Paired with her military father’s penchant for logic, MJ found that this unusual combination of psychic and sceptic lent itself perfectly to becoming a successful paranormal investigator. Those skills soon came in handy when she suspected she was living in a haunted house and wanted answers. 

Since forming Sage Paranormal in 2011, MJ has investigated numerous locations worldwide. With over 12 years of experience in the paranormal field, due to her professionalism, and the level of evidence she was able to document, MJ is recognized as one of the UK’s most well-known and well-respected paranormal researchers. She lectures at paranormal conventions worldwide, teaching others the risks involved and the basics of investigating. A popular Paracon lecturer, Dickson has earned the reputation as one of the up and coming female investigators within the field worldwide. MJ is constantly searching for new and innovative ways of documenting evidence of the paranormal. 

In 2016 MJ launched the Sage Paracon, the most exclusive paranormal convention within the UK. Named as one of the top 2019 paranormal conventions in the world by ‘Den Of Geeks’ and the only UK convention to make the list, the Sage Paracon is an experience you will never forget. Hosting names such as John Zaffis (The Haunted Collector / the Godfather of the paranormal.) Jeff Belanger (Ghost Adventures), Brian J Cano (Haunted Collector), Robert Murch (World’s Leading Ouija Specialist) and many more. The Sage Paracon is known for its popular lecturers, legendary VIP party, stalls and more but above all it is MJ herself who makes it a weekend to remember. Her personal touch and friendliness make you feel like a part of the family instantly - A family known as the Sage Tribe.

In 2018 MJ worked alongside Groff Entertainment as the Production Location Consultant for season 4 of the popular television series 'Paranormal Lockdown' which aired on Quest Red in August 2018.

MJ will be appearing in the latest paranormal television series produced by Woodcut Media, the show is set to air in the UK in May 2019 on Sky TVs channel - Pick TV.

She recently appeared in the Daily Mail feature on female paranormal investigators in the UK as well as her recent TV appearance on Good Morning Britain.

Featured on ITV’s Good Morning Britain with Kate Garraway and Ben Shephard
Paranormal Lockdown – Production Location Consultant
Featured in the Daily Mail – Femail Feature
BBC Radio Wales – Dot Davies
BBC Radio Coventry & West Midlands – Trish Adudu
Hillz FM – Paul Sanders
Best Magazine Feature – ‘Real life Ghostbuster’
Sky TV channel Pick TV Paranormal Show Host / Investigator – (Show to be announced)